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Spare Parts - Contact Fingers

We offer a range of spare contact fingers for sale. If you do not see something you are looking for, or have any questions please call us at (65) 6748 3162 or

TTM Part No.
Price (SGD)
Aetrium 50-20 TTM5020-0032
Aetrium 5050-40 TTM25640-0062
AIT TTM5014-0124
Aseco 16/32 LD QSOP TTM2532-0075
Aseco TTM5004-0078
Aseco TTM5008-0033
Aseco TTM5020-0107
Aseco 28LD 300 SOIC TTM5028-0063
Aseco TTM25616-0034
Amkor 22-2579 TTM0147
Amkor 22-5154 TTM0148
Daymarc E00-00772-AA-00 TTM5008-0003
Delta TTM25664-0090
Delta-I TTM5014-0064-I
Delta-0 TTM5014-0064-0
Ismeca TTM8803-0071
MCT TTM5010-0077
MCT MCT-TO220 TTM8803-0072
MCT TTM10008-0082
MCT TTM10012-0086
Micro Hand TTM2520-0097
Micro Hand TTM5016-0002
Micro Hand TTM25616-0094
Multitest 100x100x10
MCT 28 Way
Multitest A01.12.54.09 TTM16P14-0110
Multitest A01.12.54.10 TTM16P14-0111
Multitest TM For ST 5 TTM20P06-0027
Multitest TM For ST 5 TTM20P06-0028
Multitest TM For ST 5 TTM20P06-0029
Multitest TM For ST 5 TTM20P06-0030
Multitest TM For ST 5 TTM20P06-0031
Multitest A01.16.54.58 TTM20P10-0065
Multitest A01.16.54.57 TTM20P10-0066
Multitest A01.16.54.59 TTM20P10-0067
Multitest A01.16.54.60 TTM20P10-0068
Multitest A01. TTM20P11-0073
Multitest A01. TTM20P11-0074
Multitest TTM20P12-0084
Multitest TTM20P12-0085
Multitest A11. TTM30P04-0017
Multitest A11. TTM30P04-0018
Multitest A11. TTM30P04-0019
Multitest A11. TTM30P04-0020
Multitest TM For ST 4 TTM30P05-0023
Multitest TM For ST 4 TTM30P05-0024
Multitest TM For ST 4 TTM30P05-0025
Multitest TM For ST 4 TTM30P05-0026
Multitest TTM32P01-0004
Multitest TTM32P01-0005
Multitest TTM32P01-0006
Multitest TTM32P01-0007
Multitest A08. TTM32P02-0008
Multitest A08. TTM32P02-0009
Multitest A08. TTM32P02-0010
Multitest A08. TTM32P02-0011
Multitest A08. TTM32P03-0012
Multitest A08. TTM32P03-0013
Multitest A08. TTM32P03-0014
Multitest A08. TTM32P03-0015
Multitest A08. TTM32P06-0150
Multitest A08. TTM32P06-0151
Multitest A08. TTM32P06-0152
Multitest A08. TTM32P06-0153
Multitest A08. TTM32P07-0036
Multitest A08. TTM32P07-0037
Multitest A08. TTM32P07-0038
Multitest A08. TTM32P07-0039
Multitest A08. TTM32P09-0058
Multitest A08. TTM32P09-0059
Multitest A08. TTM32P09-0060
Multitest A08. TTM32P09-0061
Multitest Custum For ST TTM4017-0016
Multitest A01. TTM5001-0100
Multitest A08. TTM5008-0021L
Multitest A08. TTM5008-0021R
Multitest A08. TTM5008-0081
Multitest MT8704 TTM5008-0127
Multitest A08. TTM5008-0130
Multitest (9.4) TTM5016-0051
Multitest HI TTM19725-0128
Multitest A08. HI
Multitest A08. TTM25618-0091
Multitest HI TTM25620-0109
NSC TO220 Pin TTM24P08-0046
NSC TO220 Pin TTM24P08-0047
NSC TO220 Pin TTM24P08-0048
PCM Contact TTM0158
Prime Yield 0.635 x 14 QSOP TTM2514-0076
Prime Yield MCT5100 TTM5016-0001
Prime Yield TTM5016-0035
Prime Yield (7x7) - (22-2347) TTM19712-0056
Prime Yield 7x7 - (22-2583) TTM19712-0138
Prime Yield 0.5 x 16 (10x10) TTM19716-0055
Prime Yield 0.5 x 20 (12x12) TTM19720-0054
Prime Yield 22-2334 TTM19725-0052
Prime Yield 22-2518-14mm TTM19726-0043
Prime Yield 22-2416 (20x20) TTM19736-0053
Prime Yield 22-2518-20mm TTM19738-0044
Prime Yield 0.5 x 44 (24x24) TTM19744-0045
Prime Yield 22-3286 TTM19752-0057
Prime Yield 0.65 x 40 TTM25614-0069
Prime Yield TSSOP 0.65x14 TTM25614-0070A
Prime Yield 0.65 x 40 TTM25640-0042
Prime Yield 22-2390 TTM31511-0165
Rasco 03.2100.0508 TTM10P13-0115
Rasco 03.2100.0509 TTM10P13-0116
Rasco 03.5100.0845 TTM10P13-0117
Rasco TTM3703-0083
Rasco 1.27/16 0.5x0.25 TTM5008-0049
Rasco TTM5008-0108
Rasco 1.27/32 0.5x0.26 TTM5016-0050
Rasco TTM5016-0156L
Rasco TTM19705-0125
Rasco TTM25604-0126
Rework RC Pins DSO-12ESX
Rework RC Pins DSO-150-ESX
Rework RC Pins DSO-300-ESX
Rework RC Pins DSO-300-ESX Quad
Rework RC Pins DSO-400-ESX
SMD Contact TTM0160
SMD Contact TTM0166
Tecsec TTM5003-0096
Tecsec TTM5004-0040
Tecsec E00-00794-AA-00 TTM5004-0088
Tecsec TTM5004-0089
Tecsec TTM5007-0095
Tecsec Tesec SOIC 8 TTM5008-0092
Tecsec 9DLP3010 TTM5012-0079
Tecsec 9T1S0759 TTM5012-0080
TFM Contact TTM0159
10.6359.0110 TTM20P14-0118
E01-00074-BB-00 TTM0161
E01-00075-BB-00 TTM0162
E01-00CF116-BB-00R TTM5009-145
A09. TTM5014-0119
1303-1 - 52 LD QFP TTM2512-0141
22-2259 TTM25630-0172
03.5000.0622 TTM5014-0113
100317-101 TTM1001-0101
100316-101 TTM1001-0102
110676-101 TTM1001-0103
110676-102 TTM1001-0104
110118-001 TTM1001-0105
110118-002 TTM1001-0106
PLCC138358 TTM0133
PLCC138359 TTM0134
PLCC139966 TTM0142
PLCC139967 TTM0143 HI TTM0146