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Zettler Relay

High sensitivity
High dielectric and surge voltage
Low power consumption
Stable contact resistance for low level signal switching
Small footprint
Vibration and shock resistant
Cost effective solution
Designed for high in-rush applications
Epoxy sealed for automatic wave soldering and cleaning
Telecommunications systems
Computer peripheral and office automation equipment
Home appliances
Security systems
Test and measurement devices
Industrial controls
Product Number
Product Description


General Purpose 10 Amp Subminiature Power Relay
Rating: 10A
Contact Form: SPDT
Regulatory Approvals: UL/CUR/VDE
Dielectric Strength: 4000 Vrms dielectric
Mounting Method: PCB mount


General Purpose 16 Amp Miniature Power Relay
Rating: 16A
Contact Form: SPDT
Regulatory Approvals: UL/CUR/VDE
Dielectric Strength: 5000 Vrms dielectric
Mounting Method: PCB solder/socket mount


Telecom 1 Amp Microminiature Polarized Relay
Rating: 1A
Contact Form: DPDT
Regulatory Approvals: UL/CSA
Dielectric Strength: 1500 Vrms dielectric
Mounting Method: PCB mount
Bifurcated crossbar contacts


Automotive 30 Amp MICRO-ISO Relay
Rating: 30A
Contact Form: SPST/SPDT
Mounting Method: PCB mount w/quick connects
ACM0801B Series

ACM0801B Series

Character LCD Module List
8 Character x 1 Line
Outline Dimensions:
54.0 (W) x 37.0 (H) x 11.0 mm (D) No Backlight;
54.0 (W) x 37.0 (H) x 13.0 mm (D) LED Backlight
Viewing Area: 32.0 (W) x 16.0 mm (H)
Character Size: 2.90 (W) x 7.60 mm (H)
Dot Size: 0.50 (W) x 0.60 mm (H)
LED Lamps

L-170 Series

Axial LED Lamp
635nm Water Clear, Lens, 7.0mcd.Typ@ 10mA
Viewing Angle = 40 deg
BV Series

BV Series

EI30 0.6VA – 2.8VA Sealed Power Transformer
Input 115V or 230V / Single and dual output
Dielectric Strength 4200Vrms


Definite Purpose Contactor
Ideal for all HVAC/ R applications
ARI 780 standard
ZC24A34 Series

ZC24A34 Series

Heat Sequencer
Solid State
Standard operating ambience between -50°F
(-45.5°C) and 165°F (73.8°C)
12.5A to 25A contact ratings
Various mounting positions
Shock and Vibration Resistant
ZCPR Series

ZCPR Series

Motor Start Potential Relay
35A and 50A switching capabilities
UL approved Class B coil insulation system, 130°C rated construction material
SPST-NC configuration
Wide range of coil voltages: 168V-588V
Operation frequency: 50/60 Hz
Customizable Pick-up and Drop-off voltages
Various mounting positions
ZC9034 Series

ZC9034 Series

2-Pole HVAC/R Relay
DPDT or SPDT Relay
Quick-connect terminals (coil and contacts)
2.13 x 1.88 x 2.25 inches
Base is designed for easy replacement of competitive relays
Molded terminal numbers and circuit diagram on top of relay
ZC90118 Series

ZC90118 Series

Relay/Transformer Fan Center Assembly
DPDT or SPDT relay
24V coil voltage, power and duty rated contacts
Color coded pre-stripped leads
Low voltage terminal board
Input Voltage 120V or 208/240V, Output Voltage - 24V, 40 VA
Mounts directly to 4” electrical box


Heavy duty mounting brackets
Continuous duty or intermittent duty ratings
Isolated, grounded, and common coil configurations
Contact Pole Forms:
Single Pole Normally Open (SPNO),
Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
Coil Voltages: Ranging from 6VDC to 48VDC
Contact Ratings:
NO – 50A to 200A Cont,
NO – 200A to 800A Inrush,
NC – 30-100A Cont,
NC – 30-300A Inrush
NTC Thermistor

NTC Thermistor

Thermistor Temperature Sensor
Wide range of unit housing materials
Wide temperature ranges (from -40°C to +250°C)
Available for a variety of applications
Long-term stability
High reliability and performance