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AtMet Cargo Protection Product

AtMet is the industrial leader in load securing and transportation safety. The company was established in 1995 and is one of the first manufacturers engaging in transportation protection in Asia. Today, the company continues to introduce innovative and improved products designed to meet a wide variety of needs in all modes of transportation.
As a pioneer in the field of load securing and transportation protection, the company grows very rapidly in the last 15 years by offering the best quality products to customers worldwide.
The ColumnAir™ Technology
ColumnAir packaging is based on a multi-layered film and air-cushion concept that has integrated independent air columns. By means of one-way air flow valves for each column, the entire substrate of air columns can be inflated from a single point in seconds. We use non-toxic, RoHS compliant films that have high abrasion resistance and load bearing properties.
How it Works
Using compressed air, inflate the ColumnAir™ bag package to 8-12 psi from the single air inlet channel. Air flows through all the air columns to create a form fitting air cushion around the product.
ColumnAir™ bag utilizes multiple, yet independent, air column to provide the highest level of product protection possible. This unique design keeps a series of adjoining air columns securely inflated to cushion and protect products during shipment. The air columns are connected via a series of one-way valve - as a result, if one air column is punctured, the others remain inflated to offer continued protection.
Limitless Applications
A single sheet of substrate can be formed into limitless 3-dimensional form factors. From end caps, bags, pouches, and cradles to folding designs, ColumnAir™ bag limitless customization can meet the requirements of individual product packaging and application needs.
In addition, ColumnAir™ bag offers value added features such as colored or tinted films, custom printing, sealable bags, easy open bags and pouches as well as anti-static films.
Product Description


Light weight, 99% air and 1% plastic
Superior protection during shipping
On-demand filling reduces warehouse space, handling, and carbon footprint
100% recyclable, friendly to environment
Packaging saving
Lower shipping cost
Lower storage cost
Lower material cost
Custom designed to fit your needs
Various materials available: UV, ESD etc
Packaging test according to your requirements
Do not require die, fast turn around
Compliant with RoHS
Examples of applications: Laptop, Hard Disk Drives, DVD, Cameras, LCD monitors, Cell Phones, Toner Cartridge, Wine Bottle, Spirit, Aromatherapy, Perfume, Auto parts, Furnitures, Home decor
ColumnAir Applications
DunnageAir ppl bag

ppl paper

High strength kraft paper/poly woven composite outer liner
Moisture resistant
Low cost
Different sizes are available on request
DunnageAir Applications
DunnageAir ppw bag

ppw polywoven

High strength poly woven outer liner
High load force
Moisture resistant
Different sizes are available on request
DunnageAir Applications