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Sunwave Sensor

High reliability, cost-effective
Optimized circuit design
Strong lightning protection design
Easy installation and adjustment
LED status equipment, easy to detect and test
Opto sensors application
Reed switches application
Level and proximity sensors application
Active infrared detectors
Product Number
Product Description

Level Sensor

Liquid Level Sensor
Contact Rating (Max. W): 10
Switching Voltage (Max. VDC): 100
Switching Current (Max. A): 0.5
Insulation Resistance (Max. mΩ): 400
Stem: PP
Liquid: Water
Breakdown Voltage (Max. VDC): 150
Operating Temperature (°C): -10~60

Proximity Sensor

Dimension (mm): 23X14X6
Contact type: NO
Contact Rating (Max. W): 10
Switching Voltage (Max. VDC): 100
Switching Current (Max. A): 0.5
Breakdown Voltage (Min. VDC): 250
Operating Temperature (°C): -10~80

Opto Sensor

Opto Reflective
Snap-in mount reflective available with angled beam and with parallel for operation with an optical prism/reflector, photo transistor output

Flow Sensor

Environment Temperature: ≥1°C
Operating Temperature: ≤100°C
Release Flux: ≥0.75L/min
Max. Flow Rate: ≤5L/min
Operating Pressure: ≤0.65Mpa
Sensor with Standing Pressure: ≤1.5Mpa
Signal Output Load: DC24V/1A, AC36V/1A or AC220V/0.1A

Shock Sensor

Contact Type: 1A
Dimension H/W/L (mm): H:20.7 W:12.2 L:12.7
Switching Voltage(V) Reference: 16 max
Switching Current(V) Reference: 10 max
Contact Resistance (mΩ) Reference: 150 max
Operating Period (ms) Reference: 8.0 max
On Period (ms): 18.0 max
Function: Form A

Thermal Sensor

Dimension (mm): 47X19
Contact Type: N.C.
Contact Rating (Max. W): 84
Switching Voltage (Max. VDC): 300
Switching Current (Max. A): 0.7
Insulation Resistance (Min. mΩ): 150 max
Breakdown Voltage (Min. VDC): 1500
Operating Temperature (°C): 74

Vibration Detector

Dimensions: 100mm×80mm×39.5mm
Operating Voltage: 9 – 15 VDC
Min.Sound Pressure Level: 15 mA
Alarm Output: 28 VDC, 500 mA
Alarm Output Duration: ≥ 2 sec
Operating Temperature: -10°C - +50°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C - +70°C
Alarm Indication: LED indicate, output 3
Sensitivity: 5 steps
Tamper Protection: Dual tamper alarm for cover and base plate
Low-voltage Alarm: Voltage drops below 7.5 V

Ultrasonic Sensor

Center Frequency: 40±1.5kHz
Free Capacitance: 2200±20%pF
Min. Sound Pressure Level: >110dB/10Vrms/30cm
Sensitivity: -69dB Min
Operating Temperature: -20°C - +60°C
Angle of Sound: 65°±5°
Optical sensors

Optical Sensors

Prism Reflective
Direct Reflective
Interrupt style
Flat type
IC type
Digital or Analog output
Industrial type
Customer design
RoHS approval
High Performance Optical Elements based
Widely used in white goods, office automation and household appliance; fax machine, copier, printer, scanner, washing machine, dryer
Magnetic sensors

Magnetic Sensors

Proximity sensing
Level detection
Digital or Analog output
High power, voltage, current
Long operating life
Various mounting options
Industrial type
Customer design
RoHS approval
Reliable reed switch and hall IC based
Widely used in security, white goods, automotive, household appliance; magnetic contact, fitness equipment, washing machine, doors, oil tank, water tank
Security sensors

Security Sensors

Active infrared detectors
Motion detectors
PIR detectors
Window beams
Magnetic contacts
Dual Technology (Microwave and PIR)
Curtain, Ceiling mount
Temperature compensation
UL/CCC/CE approval
Good quality PIR Elements
Widely used in security intrusion industry, indoor/outdoor, various range protection environment, doors and windows